CA Final FR Previous Completed Latest Batch New Syllabus By CA Sarthak Jain


Relevant for – May 21 to Nov 22 attempt



CA Final FR New Course Previous Batch Video Lectures Updated as per SM 2021

Complete Full FR in Just 95 Lectures

Product – Product – CA Final FR New Syllabus Latest Completed Batch Recorded Lectures (With Additional Lectures Covering recent updates of SM 2021, Ind AS Amendments to keep you up to date)

Our Best Ever and Most Efficient Creation – Now FR with Ind AS will become your Trump Card

Validity – 6 Months or 1.2 views whichever is earlier(Views counted as per minutes watched. Speed Viewing). Validity Extension will be charged at 1500/- for 3 Months. Free Validity extension policy is not applicable on this product. (Applicable from 23rd Dec 2020)

Modes – Pen Drive and Google Drive (Buy at FAST Official Website only).

Batch – This batch is recorded in Sep 2019 and updated for May 2021 and later attempts by additional lectures for all amendments and questions of RTP, MTPs till Jan 2021 and even Ind AS Amendment Rules, 2020 (IAS20) and ICAI – SM 2021. (Certain lectures on SM 2021 to be shared soon)

Striker 3.1 & 3.2 now shared as a separate question bank in hard copy covering all additional questions introduced post 2019 in RTP, MTP, Past Exams, IAS20 and SM 2021.

Number of Class lectures- 95 approx. 3hours 20 min each. Total Duration 300 Hrs Approx.

Additional Video Lectures are also shared in which Question Bank Striker 3.1 & 3.2 is solved for viewing at student discretion.

MOST COMPREHENSIVE BOOKS SETS (Click on books name to preview it) –

Book 1 – Brahmastra 3.0 – Self Study Multi Coloured Handwritten Book covering all Intro, Roadmap, Sch3, Financial Instruments, Consolidation, Business Combination, Share Based Payments (Updated for IAS20 & SM2021) 

Book 2 – Ind AS Drone Charts 3.0 – (Multi-coloured) covering all other Topics(Updated for IAS20 & SM2021)

Book 3 – Q&A Striker 3.0 – Question Bank with 1300+ Solved and Unsolved Questions including Concept Builders covering ICAI Study Mat and International Questions with all questions covered in the class + Additional Question Bank with latest questions of MTP RTP and SM

Book 4 – Q&A Striker 3.1 & 3.2 – Striker 3.1 Question Bank with 350+ Solved Questions covering ICAI RTP, MTP and Past Exam Questions of 2019-20 and ICAI SM 2020 and IAR2020

Striker 3.2 Question Bank with 270+ Solved Questions of SM 2021 and Past Exam Papers of Nov2020 and Jan 2021

Demo Lecture

Click Here for FR Latest Batch Demo Video

LMS – Common Scholar ID-Password will be given for Class Board Notes PDF of each lecture.

Laptop Requirements – You can view videos only on laptop having Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, 8.1, 10.

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This tablet performs function like any other tablet. It is not hard coded and can be used generally to watch other videos, perform other functions as well.

This is an Entry-level tablet which runs fine while playing lectures upto speed of 1.4x. At higher speed or while multitasking the tablet may lag.

The tablet is brand new and supplied in sealed packed condition and lectures will be provided in SD card separately instead of pen drive.

The supply of tablet is a resale contract where student will have ownership of the tablet and warranty will be covered by manufacturer. 

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In case of Android Version –

– Lectures are Single device use only. Once installed on one mobile or tab cannot be shifted to other mobile or tablet in any circumstance however can be reinstalled on same mobile or tablet if formatted

– These lectures are for mobile or tablet viewing only and cannot be transferred to laptop in any case –

– Digital Notes can not be provided. Only Hardcopy notes will be provided.

– Not for iOS (Apple) Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPad etc).

The PD provided for Android +Laptop PD option, is compatible with laptop

Management reserves right to suspend lectures on account of any security or copyright concern

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Google Drive, Pendrive

About Faculty

CA Sarthak Jain is a Chartered Accountant with All India 46th Rank in CA Final. He had cleared all the CA exams in the first attempt & also has a degree in management & administration.

Thousands of his students have tasted success in CA exams in the very first attempt itself with a alumni of 10000+ students taught till date from different parts of the nation particularly MP, CG, Rajasthan, Delhi-NCR, Gujrat, Maharashtra, UP, Assam and Bihar. CA Sarthak Jain enjoys absolute command over his subject and is the first choice of all students for Financial Reporting (CA Final), Indirect Tax Laws (CA Final), Auditing (CA IPCC & Final) and is specially recognized across India as a master of Accounting Standards.

His special separate batch of Accounting Standard enjoys absolute monopoly in the market. CA Sarthak Jain has already authored books on Accounting, Auditing and Accounting Standards widely referred to by students hundreds of students in Central India

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